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Did You Know?? – Preventative Maintenance Solutions


  • Well maintained power equipment lasts longer and costs less to own and operate with proper preventative maintenance and care
  • Well maintained equipment is safer to operate
  • Most electrical fires are caused by unmaintained equipment and poor overcurrent protection
  • Infrared thermography (IR) is an excellent technique for identifying electrical problems before equipment failure, making it possible for a plant to plan and prioritize its maintenance activities.  Infrared imaging identifies those areas that need the most attention allowing companies to focus their attention on specific problem areas, rather than spending large amounts of time by “tightening all connections.”
  • Scanning does not interrupt your operation, but rather uses full operation as the time to consider what areas need the most attention.
  • Wear, vibration, corrosion, fatigue, insulation degradation and faulty installation are causes of problems that lower the conductivity and raise the resistance of the connections or components.  These problems result in a greater amount of heat generated at the higher resistance connections.  This heat is viewed by the infrared system as a brighter image.  Also the temperature at the “hot spot” is read and compared to components of other phases or systems.

Preventative maintenance solutions, provided by qualified electricians and test technicians, proves to be invaluable to the continuous operation of facilities:


PM on Circuit Breakers and Switchgear

  • Most older circuit breakers will fail in the closed position if they are not maintained. This can cause a fire since the circuit breaker will not open the circuit when a short circuit occurs. We perform proper cleaning, service and testing for all electrical equipment (120 Volt to 115,000 Volts and 138,000 Volts)
  • Dirty high voltage equipment can permit “tracking” which can cause catastrophic failures. We exercise, lubricate, service and test circuit breakers for proper operation.
  • Proper maintenance of equipment protects against ground faults, shock hazards and fire
  • High voltage cables can be tested to gauge their condition using Very Low Frequency Test with Tangent Delta monitoring

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