Liquid Filled and Dry Type Transformers

Liquid Filled and Dry Type Transformers

IETC is inviting industrial and commercial facility managers to register for the upcoming DVPQG Presentation/Seminar titled “Liquid Filled and Dry Type Transformers” Presented by Kevin W. Eaton of ABB

Program Description:

Kevin Eaton of ABB will present an overview of liquid filled and dry type transformers, (distribution transformers), including design considerations that can impact the safety, reliability, efficiency, and power quality for facilities.  We will compare the benefits of liquid and dry type transformers and discuss which technologies are the best for different applications.  The program will include an overview of the transformer manufacturing process including short videos highlighting our manufacturing facilities.  We will review the recent DOE 2016 efficiency requirements and discuss the benefits of utilizing total ownership cost in your purchasing decision as well as provide an overview of sustainable transformer offerings including high efficiency amorphous core material and environmentally safe fluids.  Our experts will also discuss application considerations that impact transformer design, including harmonics, motor duty and specialty applications.  Finally, we will review ANSI Standard transformer testing and transformer maintenance considerations.

Seminar to be held on Wednesday December 7, 2016 at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl PA.  Payment for the seminar includes lunch.

To register, please click on the link DVPQG print the brochure, fill in the details, send the completed brochure by email: and mail your check.  Or mail registration and payment directly to Delaware Valley Power Quality Group to the address on the brochure.  Directions and additional details about the seminar and the speaker are on the brochure.

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