Preventative Maintenance

Is preventative maintenance important to your facility?  You bet it is!

Don’t let un-maintained equipment burn your money.  IETC has qualified engineers, test technicians and electricians to design and assist in a preventative maintenance program for your facility.  Contact us

Preventative Maintenance

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Preventative Maintenance



Property damage resulting from electrical breakdowns and failures can be severe.  Electrical equipment failure is the leading causes of industrial fires.  Implementing a regular plan for preventative maintenance helps equipment last longer and run more productively.  When equipment stops running, so does your business.

There are loss prevention steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of loss.  Because the risk is real and sometimes unforeseeable, a preventative maintenance program can reduce risk of an unscheduled outage by as much as 66%, according to statistics from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (HSB June 2014).  Only use qualified and competent maintenance personnel to properly, safely and effectively maintain electrical power equipment.

Tips for keeping electrical systems safe:

  • Keep electrical rooms free of excessive dust and dirt
  • Do not use electrical equipment rooms for storage
  • Focus your program on preventative measures to ensure you are not allowing for an electrical fire, by keeping electrical apparatus clean, cool, dry and making sure connections are tight.
  • Test electrical equipment including transformer, circuit breakers, relays, etc.
  • Clean AND test – Both are key to a good preventative maintenance program.
  • Our Team of electricians and test technicians are: Skilled; Qualified; Trained; Outfitted with the right test equipment.
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