Energy Efficient Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting Projects

Using energy efficient lighting, IETC is  “lighting” up industry.  Utilizing our high voltage linemen, bucket trucks, electricians and test technicians, we have been busy installing energy efficient lighting for customers in the Healthcare, pharmaceutical and educational facilities.  In the fall and winter seasons, the lights are on longer.  Is your facility ready with accurate and energy efficient lighting?  We can help you get there!  We will plan with you and implement the best lighting for your space, including stadiums, parking lots, parking garages, walkways, manufacturing, warehouse facilities, etc.    Properly designed site lighting takes into consideration the following factors: safety, security, and energy consumption, while reducing excessive light impact and glare.

IETC recently performed design-procure-construct services for a local retirement community.   Our team installed new lighting for the parking lot and walking paths.

We worked closely with the retirement community to choose the right lighting for each area.

Provided NEMA 4/4X stainless steel 30 Amp, 240 Volt Lightning contactor with Photoelectric control, pad lockable disconnect switch and keyed switch.

Street Light

Energy Efficient Lighting

Other lighting projects included keeping the lights on during night-time games with a change-out of stadium lamps for a high school campus and new lighting for a pharmaceutical industrial facility parking garage in Maryland.

Energy Efficient Lighting

High School Stadium Lighting

Energy Efficient Lighting

Pharmaceutical Co Parking Garage – Energy Efficient  Lighting

IETC Design-Build-Projects

Save money and time with IETC Design-Build-Projects

Our design-build-projects save time, save money, are energy efficient and are more maintainable.  Avoid delays and project expenses due to redesign.

IETC brings innovation to facility improvements.  We self-perform all electrical-engineering, project-management, construction-management, construction and commissioning.  Our expertise and project-approach yield savings in time, money and maintenance.  The project below implemented Industrial Power Switchgear, Transformer, UG 13kV & PM


69kV Substation Design-build

The Co-Generation System below included Microturbines and new Boilers


Co-Generation System

Each project we take on is carefully crafted to save the customer time and money. We make all of our projects maintainable and worry free. We take care of all of the hassle so you don’t have to.  We can plan and develop a preventative maintenance program for facilities.  We offer Doble Power Factor Insulation Testing for transformers – call for information.