Spring Cleaning Is Spring Safety!

As we roll into another season, take advantage of our electrical testing and preventative maintenance services to perform Spring Cleaning on your facility electrical power distribution equipment. We had a rough, cold winter and your equipment would benefit from a thorough cleaning and inspection to prevent unplanned outages. Below is a starter-checklist to make sure you’re running right.

Benefits Of Using IETC | We provide testing and preventative maintenance service.

1. Our test equipment is calibrated and certified by a third party annually.
2. Certified, experienced and safety conscious technicians
3. Reports are reviewed by a Registered Professional Engineer within the company
4. If problems are found, IETC has the resources, equipment and experience to make the necessary repairs quickly and efficiently
5. Experience with medium voltage up to 138KV

Why perform electrical testing and preventative maintenance on your equipment?

1. Extend the life of the equipment and reduce downtime for unplanned outages
2. Increase operational safety, reliability and productivity
3. Prevent potential faults and failures
4. Insurance requirements

Transformer In Trouble?!

· Transformer Testing
· Doble Power Factor
· Transformer Turns Ratio
· Winding Resistance
· Oil Quality
· Dissolved Gas Analysis
· Oil Leaks and Repairs
· Loose Connections
· Grounding Issues
· Insurance Requirements

Switchgear & Switchboards

Keep the main power distribution center of your business in tip top shape!
· Inspection and Cleaning
· Test control devices (i.e. meters, single phase protection, etc)
· Test circuit breakers and fused switches
· Insulation Resistance Testing
· Ground Resistance Testing

Underground Medium Voltage Cables

Are your underground medium voltage cables about to fail?
· Visual Inspection
· Verify cable shielding
· Perform Very Low Frequency (VLF) with Tan Delta testing
· This is a nondestructive test and test the cables at very low frequency (0.1Hz) compared to DC Hi-Pot testing, which is considered a destructive test.
· IETC currently has (2) VLF test sets to meet your cable testing needs.

Infrared Thermography Scanning

Address loose connections and hot spots now before they become a problem!
· IETC has (4) certified Infrared Thermographer Technicians
· (1) Level I · (2) Level II · (1) Level III
· Self-calibrated, high-end IR Cameras
· Properly plan to make repairs for issues found during a PM in lieu of experiencing an unplanned outage.