Power Quality Tips

Power quality problems cost industry billions of dollars each year due to stopped or interrupted production and equipment failures.  Loose wiring or incorrect grounding causes high voltages and high current.  Both are damaging to equipment.  Large capacitor switching disturbance on incoming power causes variable speed drives and other electronics to trip.  Voltage sags trip drives, controls, etc.  Lightning damages equipment, telephone or data from overvoltages and overcurrent.  A test with a high speed power analyzer can positively identify what problems are affecting your equipment.  Power quality problems are treatable.  Corrections can be made by the Utility and Plant to bulletproof your process.  We have the test equipment and the experience to help.  IETC is an industry leader in electrical testing and a great resource for helping you solve tough power quality problems.

Tips from the Power Quality Team

  •  Power Transformers (15KVA to 15,000 KVA) are rated for minimum required clearances for ventilation. Check distance to walls, solid fences, boxes and bushes, ensuring proper ventilation.
  • At least 1/4 of Industry voltage sag and power quality problems can be avoided with simple voltage tap adjustments on the power transformer.
  • When multiple variable frequency drives trip at the same time, large capacitor switching transients or motor starting voltage sags are probably the cause of power quality disturbances.

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