Liquid Filled and Dry Type Transformers

Liquid Filled and Dry Type Transformers

IETC is inviting industrial and commercial facility managers to register for the upcoming DVPQG Presentation/Seminar titled “Liquid Filled and Dry Type Transformers” Presented by Kevin W. Eaton of ABB

Program Description:

Kevin Eaton of ABB will present an overview of liquid filled and dry type transformers, (distribution transformers), including design considerations that can impact the safety, reliability, efficiency, and power quality for facilities.  We will compare the benefits of liquid and dry type transformers and discuss which technologies are the best for different applications.  The program will include an overview of the transformer manufacturing process including short videos highlighting our manufacturing facilities.  We will review the recent DOE 2016 efficiency requirements and discuss the benefits of utilizing total ownership cost in your purchasing decision as well as provide an overview of sustainable transformer offerings including high efficiency amorphous core material and environmentally safe fluids.  Our experts will also discuss application considerations that impact transformer design, including harmonics, motor duty and specialty applications.  Finally, we will review ANSI Standard transformer testing and transformer maintenance considerations.

Seminar to be held on Wednesday December 7, 2016 at the Shady Maple Smorgasbord in East Earl PA.  Payment for the seminar includes lunch.

To register, please click on the link DVPQG print the brochure, fill in the details, send the completed brochure by email: and mail your check.  Or mail registration and payment directly to Delaware Valley Power Quality Group to the address on the brochure.  Directions and additional details about the seminar and the speaker are on the brochure.

The DVPQG established in 1993, is a volunteer not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing a state of the art educational forum to Power Quality issues and the most technically up to date products and practices.



Energy Efficiency

Energy-Efficiency & Conservation-PA Act 129

Energy Efficiency Rebates-from-Med-Ed


According to the First-Energy web site, energy efficiency programs are recovered through customer rates in accordance with PA Act 129 of 2008.  Pennsylvania’s Act 129 requires Pennsylvania’s largest electric distribution companies to develop energy efficiency and conservation plans and adopt methods of reducing electric consumption and peak demand.  Act 129 provides Pennsylvania businesses, governments and non-profits opportunities to take energy efficiency and conservation to the next level through incentive programs.

IETC works as an Ally for the Utility to assist customers.

  Energy efficiency incentives include the following:

  • Lighting – LED lighting and occupancy controls
  • Custom Equipment – customer-specific improvement projects and technologies
    • Combined Heat & Power (CoGen)
    • Industrial Process Upgrades – more energy efficient
    • Install Energy Management Systems
    • VFD
    • Chiller Upgrades
  • Custom Building – system improvements that reduce energy consumption and demand by improving building energy performance
  • Facility Audit Incentive Business Program – pre-approval for Program Administrator

In order to qualify for any of the above incentives through their program, equipment must be new and installed AFTER June 1, 2016Current programs are scheduled to end on May 31, 2021.  We help you plan for future system improvements for your facility, before the program expires. Contact us


Preventative Maintenance

Is preventative maintenance important to your facility?  You bet it is!

Don’t let un-maintained equipment burn your money.  IETC has qualified engineers, test technicians and electricians to design and assist in a preventative maintenance program for your facility.  Contact us

Preventative Maintenance

Avoid this

Preventative Maintenance



Property damage resulting from electrical breakdowns and failures can be severe.  Electrical equipment failure is the leading causes of industrial fires.  Implementing a regular plan for preventative maintenance helps equipment last longer and run more productively.  When equipment stops running, so does your business.

There are loss prevention steps you can take to reduce the likelihood of loss.  Because the risk is real and sometimes unforeseeable, a preventative maintenance program can reduce risk of an unscheduled outage by as much as 66%, according to statistics from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (HSB June 2014).  Only use qualified and competent maintenance personnel to properly, safely and effectively maintain electrical power equipment.

Tips for keeping electrical systems safe:

  • Keep electrical rooms free of excessive dust and dirt
  • Do not use electrical equipment rooms for storage
  • Focus your program on preventative measures to ensure you are not allowing for an electrical fire, by keeping electrical apparatus clean, cool, dry and making sure connections are tight.
  • Test electrical equipment including transformer, circuit breakers, relays, etc.
  • Clean AND test – Both are key to a good preventative maintenance program.
  • Our Team of electricians and test technicians are: Skilled; Qualified; Trained; Outfitted with the right test equipment.
  • Click here to see other testing services we offer:  IETC Testing Services


Emergency Service

24 7 emergency services available    Electrical Emergency Service

We offer electrical emergency service to industrial and commercial customers 24 hours, 7 days a week.  We are prepared to assist in the event of an electrical emergency or power problem at your facility.  In the event of a weather related outage or another electrical emergency, we have bucket trucks and skilled operators ready and available.  We are here when you need us.  We stock spare parts and have emergency supplier contacts for new equipment when necessary.  Electricians and skilled test technicians on standby 24 hours 7 days a week.  Call us 717-252-4730 if you experience an electrical problem and need a professional engineer or qualified electrician or test technician.

Substation transformers, motor control centers, switchgear, fuses, circuit breakers, substations, relays, capacitors, telephone lines, switch repair, pole transformers, overhead maintenance, lighting, power quality monitoring – we service and clean electrical power equipment to keep your facility running smoothly.  Infrared Thermography and Ultrasonic testing by certified test technicians.  Regular preventative maintenance to assure equipment is in good condition. High voltage and low voltage cable testing.

We also provide Emergency Back up Power.  We have generators on standby for customers. Contact us

IETC – Providing full service electrical solutions from the Quality Power Team.

Emergency Service Available

Switchgear Power Systems

OffloadingPlacing New Switchgear

IMG_0616 (640x427)

New 12.47kV Switchgear


Industrial customer had experienced several substation failures due to the age of their equipment.  They could not afford for its industrial production lines to be halted during the work week for the replacement of the 12.47kV switchgear and electrical components.  The customer sought an electrical design-build firm who was able to design, procure and execute the installation to meet their fast track schedule.


IETC provided fast track electrical design-build and construction services for the replacement of the switchgear and distribution feeders. The upgrade required new 12.47kV gear to be installed adjacent to the existing gear to minimize the downtime for the change-over.  Additionally, the installation included a new concrete equipment pad, primary and secondary feeders in underground duct banks and electrical connections to the existing overhead 12.47kV distribution feeders.


Our firm installed the SWGR on a weekend day to avoid disruption of power during normal business hours.  The campus shutdown and migration to the new SWGR was successful, and all project milestones were achieved to our customers satisfaction.

Key Services

This project included the design, procurement, construction, installation and testing of electrical equipment.

  • Pad-mounted 15kV Switchgear
  • 15kV Cable in underground duct banks
  • Acceptance Testing




Transform Power Equipment

Transform power equipment – a useful resource to save on expensive and unnecessary replacements

Transform power equipment instead of replacement which can save on costly expenses.  Your equipment may be working properly, but looks old and worn.  We apply engineering, testing and preventative maintenance skills to repair and/or recondition transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear and other electrical power equipment into first class condition.  Our testing skills are used to evaluate the condition and function of the electrical power equipment before and after restoration and energization.

We carefully evaluate the equipment and plan a customized approach for each customer.  Below are before and after photos of an outdoor padmounted transformer at a local campus, and a reconditioned circuit breaker for an industrial customer.  If your equipment looks worn and rusty due to wind and weather but still works good, we can refurbish it to look as good as new.  Our goal is to continue to help our customers be more successful.  Call us 717-252-4730 for a no-cost estimate to evaluate and restore weathered equipment.

power equipment power equipmentReconditioned Circuit Breaker


IETC Brochure

Download and print:  IETC Brochure

Design-Build Electrical Contractor

Our customers include: Industrial-Commercial/Institutional/Healthcare/Schools & College facilities/Government/Religious Institutions

What we do:

  • Design-Build Electrical Construction for facilities
  • Bucket Truck – overhead line service
  • Electrical testing and preventative maintenance for facilities
  • Engineer-Procure-Construct:
    • Engineer:  design power equipment for the voltage requirements and work with the Utility.
    • Procure: to get the best price for our customer.
    • Construct: using the expertise, knowledge and skilled labor per the guidelines and specifications for each customer and project.





Parking Lot Lighting & Lamp-Ballast Replacement Service

We can help with parking lot lighting design and installation for facilities.  Energy efficient conversion to LED lamp replacement, for new construction or to change existing lamps.  Our bucket truck reach is 93′. Smaller bucket trucks and lifts are available for parking garages and smaller spaces.

Our bucket truck rents with an electrician and/or Lineman by the hour.  Below is a photo of a recent high school stadium lighting change-out.

93 ft reachParking Lot Lighting

  • Energy efficient conversion to LED
  • Fuse individual poles to isolate lightning damage
  • Back-up power for storm related service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Shopping Malls
  • School Districts
  • College Campus
  • Office Parking Lots
  • Sports Complex Arenas
  • Parking Garages
  • Concert Arenas
  • Industrial Parking Lots
  • Park N Ride Lots
  • Race Tracks
  • Studio Lighting
  • Stage Lighting

We help customers see things in a new light. Call us at 717-252-4730 and we’ll help you keep the lights on.



An employer is responsible to implement and document an electrical safety program.  Work place safety should come first for every industrial and commercial facility.  IETC can help by implementing NFPA 70E “Standard for Electrical Safety in the Work Place” by working with facility owners.  ECM Magazine recently posted in their frequently asked questions, answer section, “There is an OSHA letter of interpretation which says that OSHA doesn’t enforce NFPA 70E.  However, if you are compliant with 70E, you are compliant with OSHA”.  Compliance takes preparation.  IETC is an industry leader in electrical safety and electrical testing.

We can help you with the following:

  1. Identify hazards
  2. Assess risks with detailed engineering study to calculate safe PPE for your facility
  3. Implement risk control with labels, mitigation, PPE and provide safety training

    Warning Label

    Arc Flash Warning Label

Class 4 PPE 0743

Category 4 PPE

Industry practice is to update the facility Arc Flash Labels every 5 years (or) at the time of a significant Plant change.

Call us for a free quote for an arc flash hazard analysis, short circuit and/or coordination study.

Connect with IETCConnect with IETC – 717-252-4730

Service available to our customers 24/7

Doble Power Factor Testing

Doble Power Factor Testing for Transformers and Generators

IETC utilizes it’s own Doble Power Factor Testing set and trained test technicians to perform power factor insulation testing for power transformers and power generators.  We subscribe to the Doble Library of Doble users to provide excellent and accurate analysis and recommendations.  We perform infield and in-shop equipment repairs and replacements.

Doble power factor insulation testing is useful as part of preventative & predictive maintenance testing.  Power factor testing can detect insulation defects that other DC testing methods might miss.  IETC offers this service to detect the presence of degrading insulation due to age, temperature or workplace environments.

We recently performed these tests using Doble M4000 Test Set for (4) Gas Turbine Generators and (2) Steam Turbine Generators at a local power plant.  We have tested scores of transformers – both dry type and oil filled.  This test is an excellent way to evaluate transformers that are 20, 30 or 40 years old.

Doble Power Factor Testing

Doble Power Factor Testing

  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Cable
  • Insulators
  • Bus Supports
  • Lightning Arrestors
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Transformer Bushings

Testing is important to prevent:

  • High contact resistance and low insulation resistance for switches and circuit breakers lead to failure
  • Transformer internal faults cause insulation voids and high gases that turn into failures
  • High voltage cables develop insulation voids, leading to cable failure
  • Circuit breakers and overcurrent relays fail to trip during a short circuit and a fire breaks out without the means to automatically interrupt it
  • Regular PM & IR scans can prevent major and costly problems.