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IETC – Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography is the first and best non-invasive technology in finding developing problems before they actually occur.  To get the most out of an infrared survey, it is important to choose a qualified thermographer.  IETC Infrared thermographers are skilled to conduct the test and interpret the result.  They can detect heat transfer concepts, and know the equipment capability and limitation.  Experience helps the thermographer know the environmental condition of the systems they are testing.  Choose the right technology to deliver the best result.  Our equipment and test sets are calibrated regularly.  We understand what needs to be done prior to, during and after the IR survey.  We provide detailed, typewritten reports of our findings with accompanying images (when applicable) along with any recommendations.

IR Image of hot spot

Infrared Scan

IR Scan

IR Photo Image

You might think that doing an infrared survey is like taking a photo, but there is way more to thermal imaging.  A meaningful survey depends on the tech’s ability to interpret the image.  IETC knows that proper training and certification is essential for any qualified technician.


Meet our IR Thermographers:

Shane Pruna of IETC recently achieved an ITC Level II Thermography Certification at the world class ITC Training Center.  Shane  broadened his skill in condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance application is strengthened as well as image analysis and interpretation proficiency with in-depth thermal imaging survey and measurement techniques.  Level II is advanced infrared theory, equipment calibration, error sources, advanced equipment operation, assigning temperature limits and repair priorities and report generation.  Chris Bereznak is also a certified IR Thermographer.

Shane Pruna

Certified Level II Thermographer

Manager, Test Dept
IR Thermographer

IR Thermographer




We can “spot” problems quicker and easier with a Flir IR Test Set.  To read more about our testing services and infrared scanning, click here: