Infrared Thermography Scanning

Infrared thermography testing saves money, reveals hidden problems, reduces risk.  How can you avoid an unplanned outage?  Infrared thermography scanning is an excellent technique for identifying electrical connections and components nearing failure.  It enables us to view the thermal image of the electrical distribution system in order to observe unusual amounts of heat.  Wear, vibration, corrosion, fatigue, insulation degradation and faulty installation are causes of problems that lower the conductivity and raise the resistance of the connections or components.  These problems result in a greater amount of heat generated at the higher resistance connections.  This heat is viewed by the infrared system as a brighter image and different color.  Infrared Thermography is an important part of a preventative maintenance program.  An IR scan reveals problems not always directly visible and is performed while production is running as scheduled, with no downtime.  During a planned IR scan we performed recently, we were able to help a customer prevent a potential disaster.  A hot spot was identified in the 3000A 480 Volt switchboard switch.  After investigating the problem, it was determined that the switch needed removed and replaced.  The contact points were already burned up.  This could have been far worse than what it actually was.  This is a great example of why preventative maintenance is so important.  If there is a problem we can find it and make repairs before something happens.  Regular IR scans and PM cleaning and testing help to keep your facility running smoothly.  We help you stay on track with little or no downtime.

 How to Avoid a 3000A 480V Disaster


We have certified IR technicians on staff to perform this service.  Call us at 717-252-4730 to schedule your IR scan today.  Our goal is to help our customers continue to be successful.