Electrical Studies & Analysis

warningWe have considerable experience and expertise in performing the following electrical studies and analysis:

  • NFPA 70E Arc Flash Hazard Study to identify protective clothing requirements for plant electricians.
  • Short Circuit Study to evaluate the power systems design to withstand fault currents and avoid resultant fires and equipment damage. We use SKM Power Tools Window Based Software.
  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis (NFPA 70E)
  • Coordination Study to evaluate the power systems design to isolate a fault to the closest circuit breaker or fuse. This coordination prevents the power system from throwing the facility into the dark or shutdown a process unnecessarily. We use SKM Power Tools Software.
  • Service study to determine the needs of the facility for a new or upgraded electrical service.
  • Power factor correction study to determine the size, type, configuration and economics of power factor correction.
  • Distributive Generation Study for in plant generators running in parallel with Utility power.
  • Conceptual design studies to determine feasibility, function, and budget for electrical systems.
  • Lighting studies to evaluate the need for lighting to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of a facility for lights.
  • Sales tax exemption for electricity for manufacturing and R&D.
  • Cogeneration feasibility studies.
  • New technology feasibility studies.

IETC provides Arc Flash Analysis and other electrical studies in the Baltimore MD, York PA, Lancaster PA, Harrisburg PA, Reading PA , Allentown PA, Mechanicsburg PA, Wilmington DE and Southern New Jersey area.