Power Factor Correction

Power Factor testing, analysis, correction, construction and preventative maintenance.  Poor power factor can cause increased utility costs for the following Utility areas:

  •  Met Ed (First Energy)
  •  PECO
  •  BGE
  •  Chambersburg Borough

Our Engineers have successfully designed, constructed and maintained power factor correction systems for industrial and commercial customers as follows:

  • 208 Volt and 480 Volt contactor controlled capacitor banks
  • 480 Volt harmonic filters with contactor controls, capacitors and reactors.
  • 480 Volt and 13KV capacitor banks and harmonic filter banks

With expertise in measuring, analyzing and correcting harmonic rich industrial and health care environments to safely correct poor power factor. We have successfully designed, installed and maintained harmonic filters to correct power factor for many customers..

We are a member of Delaware Valley Power Quality Group (DVPQG). William N. Luddy, PE is the President and a speaker for DVPQG.

Photo C PFC Cabinet6-Step, automatically controlled power factor correction filter with blown fuse, lights and electronic PFC controller.
Photo D Inside PFC Unit480V PFC Unit with capacitors, reactors and industrial contactors.

If your business is in need of Power Factor Correction, contact our office in York PA.  Our customer areas include but are not limited to York, Chambersburg, Harrisburg, Ephrata, Lancaster, Mount Joy, Columbia PA, Reading PA, Delaware, Maryland and New Jersey areas.  717-252-4730