Energy Savings

Energy Savings – A higher voltage service equals energy cost savings and more reliable service

IETC is an expert in helping facility owners with energy savings solutions.  We have helped industrial customers save thousands of dollars per year in electricity costs.  Our engineers have the experience to help you find a solution for energy savings for your facility.  As part of an Engineer/Procure/Construct Project, a major customer will now accept Utility service at 69,000 Volts instead of 13,200 Volts.  Similar savings are available for companies that switch from a 480V service to a 13kV service.  Consolidation of multiple services can also save money due to diversity of demand.  Is your service the right one for your operating needs?  Call IETC at (717) 252-4730 and we can help you analyze your system needs.  IETC is a listed service provider for the Baltimore Gas & Electric Company (BGE) energy efficiency program – CHP Listed service provider.

Energy Savings
• Power Factor Correction
• Energy Conservation
• Distributive Generation
• Backup Emergency Power and Peak Shaving
• Cogeneration
• More efficient lighting

1250 KW Genset Used for Energy Cost Savings to 100% Back-upEnergy saving generator used as backup power.
Five Microturbines & Boiler House – 300 KW Cogeneration System.
Electricity produced on-site. Hot water produced on-site.Energy saving Cogeneration system.

If you are interested in Energy Solutions, contact our office, conveniently located in York PA – (717) 252-4730.