Backup Power

IETC has extensive experience in turn-key design and construction of on-site generator systems from 15KW to 2000KW. Backup power systems have the following features:
• Closed transition or open transition automatic transfer switches
• Diesel, natural gas or propane fuel sources
• Automatic exerciser
• Load banks available
• Controls for peak shaving
• Can back up part or all of facility needs
• Acoustical enclosure for sound proofing

2000KW Diesel Genset with 4000A, 480V Closed Transition Switch for Industrial Plant.
Photo 1 2000KW Genset
Nursing Home 200KW, Diesel Genset with Automatic Transfer Switch
Photo 2 Nursing Home Diesel Genset
Inside of 2000KW Diesel Genset Enclosure
Photo 1A Inside of 2000KW
Retirement Community – Health Center, Diesel Genset with Automatic Transfer Switch
Photo 3 Retirement Comm Genset taken 2014 February