Electrical Preventative Maintenance (PM)

PM for Outdoor Electrical Power Distribution Equipment

When outdoor electrical power distribution equipment is subject to harsh weather conditions, performing regular PM helps to prevent tracking, unplanned outages and interruptions.  With winter approaching and the possibility of inclement weather, we recommend that you schedule electrical preventative maintenance with IETC as soon as possible to help prevent unexpected downtime.

We recently performed PM on electrical equipment at a local industrial facility where we found issues that needed addressed.  An outdoor power factor correction unit that had defective heaters, non-functioning fans and deteriorated medium voltage jumper cables.

Another facility had an outdoor padmounted switch showing extremely low insulation resistance values, which would have eventually led to a failure.  Unexpected downtime was avoided due to our scheduled pm service.  The switch had a lot of moisture and was causing tracking to occur on the bushings and insulators.  This was a recipe for disaster.

Padmounted Switch

Cabinet had condensation build-up that could lead to future tracking and rusting of the enclosure.  We found tracking in all three switch blade drive arms that needed to be replaced.

Avoid an unplanned outage by planning ahead – call us at 717-252-4730 to schedule preventative maintenance now.  We can come to your facility and view your equipment with you, help you create a plan for pm and provide a no cost estimate.