Voted Best Engineering Firm in Central PA

IETC was voted the winner for Best Engineering Firm in the recent Central Penn Business Journal’s 2018 Reader Rankings.

IETC is honored to be recognized by their clients and the community as Central PA’s Best Engineering Firm and thanks everyone who participated in the voting.

IETC services industrial and commercial customers in PA, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey areas. Some of our electrical services are listed below:

•Infrared thermography testing
•Ultrasonic testing
•Electrical Engineering
•Maintenance & electrical testing of substations, high voltage equipment, circuit breakers, cables, transformers
•Service & Installation of power equipment including switchboards, used and new transformers, new and reconditioned circuit breakers
•Engineer/Construct & Design-Build



An employer is responsible to implement and document an electrical safety program.  Work place safety should come first for every industrial and commercial facility.  IETC can help by implementing NFPA 70E “Standard for Electrical Safety in the Work Place” by working with facility owners.  ECM Magazine recently posted in their frequently asked questions, answer section, “There is an OSHA letter of interpretation which says that OSHA doesn’t enforce NFPA 70E.  However, if you are compliant with 70E, you are compliant with OSHA”.  Compliance takes preparation.  IETC is an industry leader in electrical safety and electrical testing.

We can help you with the following:

  1. Identify hazards
  2. Assess risks with detailed engineering study to calculate safe PPE for your facility
  3. Implement risk control with labels, mitigation, PPE and provide safety training

    Warning Label

    Arc Flash Warning Label

Class 4 PPE 0743

Category 4 PPE

Industry practice is to update the facility Arc Flash Labels every 5 years (or) at the time of a significant Plant change.

Call us for a free quote for an arc flash hazard analysis, short circuit and/or coordination study.

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Back-up Power for Nursing Homes

Reliable Backup Power Service Available


The weather in the Pennsylvania and Maryland areas can be very harsh, especially during the winter months.  Relentless days of winter require preventative measures to ensure the safety of you, your staff and most importantly, residents of nursing homes. Our durable back-up power generators provide reliability even during the coldest days winter has to offer.  Every generator we offer is built to withstand brutal ice storms, severe wind, hurricane conditions, and heavy snow storms. Each emergency power system is custom tailored to the needs of our client.  Every design is reviewed by one of our professional engineers prior to being installed.

Click here to view our Back-up Power Solutions flyer and a recent case study: Back-up Power Solutions Flyer

All of our generators come with annual preventative maintenance and 24/7 emergency service for all customers. A power outage can happen at anytime so we prepare ourselves to ensure the safety of all of our customers.

Call us today or email us for more information on our Backup Power solutions.


Cable Testing

Prevent power outages with Cable Testing

Whether it’d be new cable installation or fixing an existing cable, cable testing is an integral part of the process to ensure a safe and correct installation.

Why is Cable Testing important?

Cable testing provides assurance that the new or repaired cables are able to deliver the necessary amount of power to the appropriate area without interruptions. Not only can cable testing tell you what happen to a failed cable but it can also be a preventative measure to predict a cable failure before it happens. Routine check-ups to a power source can be a great way to save money on costly repairs and possible severe damage.

“How can you avoid an unplanned outage?”

We’ve created a case study of a recent project that used cable testing to prevent cable failure. Also included in our case study is a section on infrared thermography scan and how it can help prevent potential damage to your power infrastructure of your building. Click here to download our case study: Cable Testing Case Study

IETC Design-Build-Projects

Save money and time with IETC Design-Build-Projects

Our design-build-projects save time, save money, are energy efficient and are more maintainable.  Avoid delays and project expenses due to redesign.

IETC brings innovation to facility improvements.  We self-perform all electrical-engineering, project-management, construction-management, construction and commissioning.  Our expertise and project-approach yield savings in time, money and maintenance.  The project below implemented Industrial Power Switchgear, Transformer, UG 13kV & PM


69kV Substation Design-build

The Co-Generation System below included Microturbines and new Boilers


Co-Generation System

Each project we take on is carefully crafted to save the customer time and money. We make all of our projects maintainable and worry free. We take care of all of the hassle so you don’t have to.  We can plan and develop a preventative maintenance program for facilities.  We offer Doble Power Factor Insulation Testing for transformers – call for information.

Avoid Electrical Switchboard Disaster

“Are you frustrated because Arc Flash labels prevent safe entry into control cabinets or power cabinet to trouble shoot? There is a better and safe way!”

detects hot spot

IR Scan

We identified a hot spot using an Infrared Thermography Scan on a 3000A 480V switchboard switch and experienced, investigative techniques.


480V Switch


Refer to:

We replaced the section of the switchboard before it failed.

Note: Metal blistering and signs of severe overheating. 

Contact points burned up.  This could have been a disaster waiting to happen if it were left to continue.

Click here to download the article.