Analysis of current & voltage harmonic distortion

Analysis of current & voltage harmonic distortion as described here-in:

IETC offers a new computer engineered service to predict these kinds of distortion for large or smaller facilities.  The program predicts the expected analysis of current and voltage harmonic distortion from variable speed drives and other SCR and non-linear plant loads.  We can offer an opinion of compliance with Standard IEEE 519 and other possible Utility requirements.  We also measure the resultant harmonic distortion after the facility has been constructed.

See IEEE Standard 519 for more detailed description: IEEE 519 which describes harmonic limits in detail.

IETC offers this service to mitigate the effects of severe harmonic distortion and disruption of sensitive electronic equipment in facilities.  Call Bill or George for additional information: 717-252-4730.

harmonic and voltage distortion

analysis of harmonic & voltage distortion