Transform Power Equipment

Transform power equipment – a useful resource to save on expensive and unnecessary replacements

Transform power equipment instead of replacement which can save on costly expenses.  Your equipment may be working properly, but looks old and worn.  We apply engineering, testing and preventative maintenance skills to repair and/or recondition transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear and other electrical power equipment into first class condition.  Our testing skills are used to evaluate the condition and function of the electrical power equipment before and after restoration and energization.

We carefully evaluate the equipment and plan a customized approach for each customer.  Below are before and after photos of an outdoor padmounted transformer at a local campus, and a reconditioned circuit breaker for an industrial customer.  If your equipment looks worn and rusty due to wind and weather but still works good, we can refurbish it to look as good as new.  Our goal is to continue to help our customers be more successful.  Call us 717-252-4730 for a no-cost estimate to evaluate and restore weathered equipment.

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