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New 12.47kV Switchgear


Industrial customer had experienced several substation failures due to the age of their equipment.  They could not afford for its industrial production lines to be halted during the work week for the replacement of the 12.47kV switchgear and electrical components.  The customer sought an electrical design-build firm who was able to design, procure and execute the installation to meet their fast track schedule.


IETC provided fast track electrical design-build and construction services for the replacement of the switchgear and distribution feeders. The upgrade required new 12.47kV gear to be installed adjacent to the existing gear to minimize the downtime for the change-over.  Additionally, the installation included a new concrete equipment pad, primary and secondary feeders in underground duct banks and electrical connections to the existing overhead 12.47kV distribution feeders.


Our firm installed the SWGR on a weekend day to avoid disruption of power during normal business hours.  The campus shutdown and migration to the new SWGR was successful, and all project milestones were achieved to our customers satisfaction.

Key Services

This project included the design, procurement, construction, installation and testing of electrical equipment.

  • Pad-mounted 15kV Switchgear
  • 15kV Cable in underground duct banks
  • Acceptance Testing