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New 12.47kV Switchgear


Industrial customer had experienced several substation failures due to the age of their equipment.  They could not afford for its industrial production lines to be halted during the work week for the replacement of the 12.47kV switchgear and electrical components.  The customer sought an electrical design-build firm who was able to design, procure and execute the installation to meet their fast track schedule.


IETC provided fast track electrical design-build and construction services for the replacement of the switchgear and distribution feeders. The upgrade required new 12.47kV gear to be installed adjacent to the existing gear to minimize the downtime for the change-over.  Additionally, the installation included a new concrete equipment pad, primary and secondary feeders in underground duct banks and electrical connections to the existing overhead 12.47kV distribution feeders.


Our firm installed the SWGR on a weekend day to avoid disruption of power during normal business hours.  The campus shutdown and migration to the new SWGR was successful, and all project milestones were achieved to our customers satisfaction.

Key Services

This project included the design, procurement, construction, installation and testing of electrical equipment.

  • Pad-mounted 15kV Switchgear
  • 15kV Cable in underground duct banks
  • Acceptance Testing




Transform Power Equipment

Transform power equipment – a useful resource to save on expensive and unnecessary replacements

Transform power equipment instead of replacement which can save on costly expenses.  Your equipment may be working properly, but looks old and worn.  We apply engineering, testing and preventative maintenance skills to repair and/or recondition transformers, circuit breakers, switchgear and other electrical power equipment into first class condition.  Our testing skills are used to evaluate the condition and function of the electrical power equipment before and after restoration and energization.

We carefully evaluate the equipment and plan a customized approach for each customer.  Below are before and after photos of an outdoor padmounted transformer at a local campus, and a reconditioned circuit breaker for an industrial customer.  If your equipment looks worn and rusty due to wind and weather but still works good, we can refurbish it to look as good as new.  Our goal is to continue to help our customers be more successful.  Call us 717-252-4730 for a no-cost estimate to evaluate and restore weathered equipment.

power equipment power equipmentReconditioned Circuit Breaker


IETC Brochure

Download and print:  IETC Brochure

Design-Build Electrical Contractor

Our customers include: Industrial-Commercial/Institutional/Healthcare/Schools & College facilities/Government/Religious Institutions

What we do:

  • Design-Build Electrical Construction for facilities
  • Bucket Truck – overhead line service
  • Electrical testing and preventative maintenance for facilities
  • Engineer-Procure-Construct:
    • Engineer:  design power equipment for the voltage requirements and work with the Utility.
    • Procure: to get the best price for our customer.
    • Construct: using the expertise, knowledge and skilled labor per the guidelines and specifications for each customer and project.





Parking Lot Lighting & Lamp-Ballast Replacement Service

We can help with parking lot lighting design and installation for facilities.  Energy efficient conversion to LED lamp replacement, for new construction or to change existing lamps.  Our bucket truck reach is 93′. Smaller bucket trucks and lifts are available for parking garages and smaller spaces.

Our bucket truck rents with an electrician and/or Lineman by the hour.  Below is a photo of a recent high school stadium lighting change-out.

93 ft reachParking Lot Lighting

  • Energy efficient conversion to LED
  • Fuse individual poles to isolate lightning damage
  • Back-up power for storm related service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Shopping Malls
  • School Districts
  • College Campus
  • Office Parking Lots
  • Sports Complex Arenas
  • Parking Garages
  • Concert Arenas
  • Industrial Parking Lots
  • Park N Ride Lots
  • Race Tracks
  • Studio Lighting
  • Stage Lighting

We help customers see things in a new light. Call us at 717-252-4730 and we’ll help you keep the lights on.

Doble Power Factor Testing

Doble Power Factor Testing for Transformers and Generators

IETC utilizes it’s own Doble Power Factor Testing set and trained test technicians to perform power factor insulation testing for power transformers and power generators.  We subscribe to the Doble Library of Doble users to provide excellent and accurate analysis and recommendations.  We perform infield and in-shop equipment repairs and replacements.

Doble power factor insulation testing is useful as part of preventative & predictive maintenance testing.  Power factor testing can detect insulation defects that other DC testing methods might miss.  IETC offers this service to detect the presence of degrading insulation due to age, temperature or workplace environments.

We recently performed these tests using Doble M4000 Test Set for (4) Gas Turbine Generators and (2) Steam Turbine Generators at a local power plant.  We have tested scores of transformers – both dry type and oil filled.  This test is an excellent way to evaluate transformers that are 20, 30 or 40 years old.

Doble Power Factor Testing

Doble Power Factor Testing

  • Transformers
  • Generators
  • Cable
  • Insulators
  • Bus Supports
  • Lightning Arrestors
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Transformer Bushings

Testing is important to prevent:

  • High contact resistance and low insulation resistance for switches and circuit breakers lead to failure
  • Transformer internal faults cause insulation voids and high gases that turn into failures
  • High voltage cables develop insulation voids, leading to cable failure
  • Circuit breakers and overcurrent relays fail to trip during a short circuit and a fire breaks out without the means to automatically interrupt it
  • Regular PM & IR scans can prevent major and costly problems.

Substation and Switchgear Maintenance

Substation and Switchgear Maintenance

IETC met with a major Mid Atlantic Utility to discuss substation and switchgear maintenance, including circuit breaker testing and transformer testing.   The focus was based on a recent project we completed at an Industrial Plant, which described our capabilities and experience.  Click on the link to view our approach:  IETC Industrial Plant – 15kV Switchgear Replacement



After Repair

We maintain the equipment we install.  Regular preventative maintenance helps prolong the equipment, helps prevent downtime, and keeps your facility production running.

Electrical Testing Services include:

  • Doble-power-factor-testing
  • Transformer-turns-ratio
  • Insulation-resistance
  • Winding-resistance
  • Oil-quality-sample-and-professional-result-analysis
  • Dissolved-gas-analysis
  • Furan-analysis
  • Leaking-bushing-repair
  • Changeout-transformer-oil-including-FR3-oil
  • Degasify-oil-and-dehydrate-oil – dramatically reduces moisture and combustible gases.

We perform the tests and interpret the results according to IEEE Standards and NETA Specifications.




Electrical Testing

Electrical Testing

Infrared Thermography Scanning – Substations

IETC provides full service Electrical Testing including Infrared Thermography and Ultrasonic scanning.   Having a key part in the procurement and installation process for our industrial and commercial customers, we know their power equipment and layout. Our electricians and test technicians are familiar with the facility, which gives us an advantage, having the ability to test and maintain the equipment we install.  The presentation Electrical Testing Services gives insight into facility planning and scheduling, and the role this plays in successful facilities and substations.  The presentation reviews testing load analysis, accepting testing, short circuit and coordination studies and analysis, ground resistance, transformers, circuit breaker testing, cable testing, relay testing and power quality.


IR Scan – Substation PA


IR Scan

With scheduled IR Scans – problems can be corrected before they cause a shutdown.  Scanning keeps equipment from damage and prolongs the expected life.  Planning and scheduling is part of the formula for successful facilities.  A proper test is worth a thousand opinions.  The right test equipment & experience will aid the design engineer in ensuring success for Customers.

Call us to schedule a professional infrared thermography scan or preventative maintenance for your facility.

717-252-4730 or Contact us.

Transformer and Substation Service

Transformer and Substation Service

12KV switchgear replacement for a local industrial facility included procurement, installation and testing services.

12KV Switchgear

Industrial Facility – Replacement 12KV Switchgear


  • Degasification and dehydration
  • Substation Maintenance
  • Circuit Breaker / Switch Repair and Test
  • Relay Testing
  • Procurement / Installation
  • High Voltage Terminations
  • Transformer/Substation Repair and Replacement

Electrical testing services:

  • Doble power factor testing
  • Transformer turns ratio (TTR)
  • Insulation resistance
  • Winding resistance
  • Oil quality sample and professional analysis
  • Dissolved gas analysis
  • Furan analysis

We perform the tests and interpret the results according to IEEE Standards and NETA Specifications.  Facilities who implement a regular program for preventative maintenance are able to perform more consistently with little or no downtime.

Commission, repair and replace transformers:

  • Leaking bushings repair – regasket with drain down
  • Change-out transformer oil including FR3 oil
  • Degasify oil and dehydrate oil – dramatically reduce moisture and combustible gases.

    Commission Repair Replace

    Commission / Repair / Replace – 12KV Switchgear

Electrical Preventative Maintenance (PM)

PM for Outdoor Electrical Power Distribution Equipment

When outdoor electrical power distribution equipment is subject to harsh weather conditions, performing regular PM helps to prevent tracking, unplanned outages and interruptions.  With winter approaching and the possibility of inclement weather, we recommend that you schedule electrical preventative maintenance with IETC as soon as possible to help prevent unexpected downtime.

We recently performed PM on electrical equipment at a local industrial facility where we found issues that needed addressed.  An outdoor power factor correction unit that had defective heaters, non-functioning fans and deteriorated medium voltage jumper cables.

Another facility had an outdoor padmounted switch showing extremely low insulation resistance values, which would have eventually led to a failure.  Unexpected downtime was avoided due to our scheduled pm service.  The switch had a lot of moisture and was causing tracking to occur on the bushings and insulators.  This was a recipe for disaster.

Padmounted Switch

Cabinet had condensation build-up that could lead to future tracking and rusting of the enclosure.  We found tracking in all three switch blade drive arms that needed to be replaced.

Avoid an unplanned outage by planning ahead – call us at 717-252-4730 to schedule preventative maintenance now.  We can come to your facility and view your equipment with you, help you create a plan for pm and provide a no cost estimate.


Infrared Thermography Scanning

Infrared thermography testing saves money, reveals hidden problems, reduces risk.  How can you avoid an unplanned outage?  Infrared thermography scanning is an excellent technique for identifying electrical connections and components nearing failure.  It enables us to view the thermal image of the electrical distribution system in order to observe unusual amounts of heat.  Wear, vibration, corrosion, fatigue, insulation degradation and faulty installation are causes of problems that lower the conductivity and raise the resistance of the connections or components.  These problems result in a greater amount of heat generated at the higher resistance connections.  This heat is viewed by the infrared system as a brighter image and different color.  Infrared Thermography is an important part of a preventative maintenance program.  An IR scan reveals problems not always directly visible and is performed while production is running as scheduled, with no downtime.  During a planned IR scan we performed recently, we were able to help a customer prevent a potential disaster.  A hot spot was identified in the 3000A 480 Volt switchboard switch.  After investigating the problem, it was determined that the switch needed removed and replaced.  The contact points were already burned up.  This could have been far worse than what it actually was.  This is a great example of why preventative maintenance is so important.  If there is a problem we can find it and make repairs before something happens.  Regular IR scans and PM cleaning and testing help to keep your facility running smoothly.  We help you stay on track with little or no downtime.

 How to Avoid a 3000A 480V Disaster


We have certified IR technicians on staff to perform this service.  Call us at 717-252-4730 to schedule your IR scan today.  Our goal is to help our customers continue to be successful.